Monday, June 1, 2009

Have i earned it??

Have you ever felt a sense of betrayal, someone has been cheating you all along in spite of all your commitment and best effort. You feel let down and disappointed and suddenly as if you have been transported to another world, you seem completely detached from the happenings around you. You might have been in the best of places, rocking music, great food but then nothing seems right, nothing tastes right.
Is this the betrayal in love I am talking of ?? naa…come on guys I know that’s the first thing that comes to mind but here I am trying to talk about a more serious issue not to suggest that issues pertaining to love non serious and whimsical. The issue here is related to self and not anyone else. We have always believed in our abilities and had disposed our faith to it, but there are times when this very self has let us down.
Most of you must have watched the advertisement of Cadbury Bourneville, the caption goes like "Cadbury Bourneville cannot be bought, it must be earned".
This advertisement on television really got me thinking, and I could relate this to various instances in my life where I had a lingering question that did I really earn this to have it. In such times there is invariably a feeling of detachment and disenchantment. The place, the people and plot don’t matter, and a feeling of guilt overpowers me, just like a school boy who has been caught eyeing a good looking teacher.
In other times the settings is very ordinary, but the mood is exuberant, the music is good but the spring in my step is a step ahead then the beat, and the whole atmosphere is charged up not because of the influence of alcohol but the feeling that I deserved this.
In my B-school days we were engulfed by a similar felling at the success of the maiden event called perspective. What started with just an idea developed into a full fledged event and we pulled it of magnificently. There was no monetary gain or a career enhancement nor was it about winning laurels and accolades but the trill of its success was beyond comprehension and I guess it was more so because of the honest effort all three of us had put in. No wonder we have named this blog as Perspective. Even in an everyday setting; the joy magnifies several times if I know that I have been honest to myself and that I deserved every bit of it.
So next time you really want to enjoy and be on top, just ask yourself “Have I earned it??



Rahul said...

the view ,as rightly mentioned , is of honesty. I am glad i have friends who i feel have loads of it action and in intent.


Anonymous said...

Sold out.......... viediocon's Mr dhoot just missed you.

Rahul said...

anonymous here is wearing arvind denim ;)

Putu said...

This question is still lingering in my mind, how can the honesty be practiced in daily life? And how our attitude as someone can be called honest?
Whether we should never lie? And can we always be honest in our life?
Or, is there still tolerance for us to lie in certain things or in the interest of a particular, or for the good?

"Honest ", if defined is said or provide appropriate information according to facts and truth.
In daily life, I see the various activities of social interaction in the community, which is largely existence is the realization of dishonest attitude.

This is a very simple an example:
Parents to react spontaneously when their children fell when they’re playing and said "it’s okay, Good boy, it’s not hurt, don’t cry!”
I think in this case, indirectly the children are taught and trained the ability to "lie", hiding their feeling (pain) just because of interest so the children don’t cry.

In a business environment, honesty often been used as the capital necessary to get trust.
To me it’s highly controversial because every trade transaction has a lot of lies going.
Sellers say that they are selling "without profit" or "even loss", to believed mostly are certainly dishonest.

Often I think that the mass media and sophisticated technology has become a tool for disseminating people or the customer very effectively to socialize, slogan, motto, mission, as propagation to express honesty as a commitment of all services to the community or customer, this has been shifted to make the meaning of honesty “lie so you can still exist in this world”

Another example, when we donate to charity, when asked who donate, we do not confess because we know the charity does not need to be conceited, we have been a liar here.

So…. where is the honesty? Or how the honesty can be applied in this world?

Act honestly is not guaranteed act right, and act right is not guarantee act honesty too. What should we choose? Honest or truth?
If we are not honest or lie but for kindness and we understand ( white lie),
I think it’s not a problem to lie as still stand on the truth.

I have tried to convince myself that I really "honest" and said that I have become an honest person, but then I finally having difficulty to answer my own question, "am I not lie to myself by saying that?"