Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Colour of the Skin

We have known what media can do, the power that it wields and also how irresponsible it can get. Sensationalizing is the fodder on which media lives and gossip is what it swears by. The latest talking point in Indian media is the so called "Raciest attacks" on Indian Students living abroad. In Various News Channels and Newspaper there is a constant rhetoric of racial attacks and it gets louder by the day. From the way media has been reporting this, it seems that every Australian is raciest and studying or working in Australia is clearly not the best thing you can do.

With so much of racisms in air I wonder what it is all about, also is it only about the colour of your skin or it could also be the way one looks, his income level or even sexual preference? Are we less raciest the so called raciest society? Even on a individual level haven’t we shown the tendency of racism at different point of our lives. Living in Delhi I have know how difficult it gets for a person from North East to lead a perfectly normal life without developing a feeling of hatred for anything remotely Indian, the difficulty that a resident of Bihar faces working in any part of the country and all the more in Maharastra or instances were a poor is considered entirely a different race from the so called upwardly mobile is not an exception.

So the whole talk of racism is misplaced and misconstrued, I am very much against any kind of violence; more so on students, the fact that the govt. has been a muted spectator and police grossly incapable and unwilling to act is deplorable but to brand a whole society raciest is being far too irresponsible. Also i think that the attacks have lot to do with economic downturn and job losses.

The world has made great strides in trying to curb this menace, we have come a long way from the Ku Klux Klan gang, Religious Wars, Cast System and many other religious and ethnic divide but we have a long way to go. We are still driven by religious fervor, sectarian politics, petty fights and maltreatment based on the levels of income. Any nation; be it (Australia or India) can truly come alive when each group will come over petty differences and acts as a unified entity, at the same time retain its originality. If each nation can do that only then we can call the world a truly Globalize Village and the whole talk of racism will be the thing of the past.



Anonymous said...

i agree completely and second your opinion. every college and school in India has "groupism" based on states.
calling biharis "harrys" and south indians "dosas" is not just college banter.. and if u want to look at real exmaples in our very own mother land .. just look how african students are treated in out top universities...

do we need to say more .

Putu said...

Racism! This word that make my mind fly into the past on 19th century, remember in Charles Darwin name, Darwin Teory & Darwisnism, I am sure many already know this theory in particular the intellectual.

We have left the 20th Century, a century full of wars, controversy brought disaster, suffering, slaughter, poverty, and tremendous damage. Millions of people killed, died of starvation, neglected. And all this happened without any purpose other than to defend ideology that believed, among Nazism, Fascism, Communism, Liberalism, Racism and Capitalism. Perhaps many do not believe those ideologies born because there are spirit and contribution of Darwinism, that base itself on the "scientific concept" of Darwinism. In human history, discrimination and slaughter with the same reason, has happened before Darwin. However Darwinism has given scientific reason and false endorsement upon action the conservation "selection races"

Darwinism was born in 19th century as a revival of a myth comes from the Greek nation and ancient Sumerian. In his book "The Origin of Species", published in the UK in the year 1859, Darwin put forward the theory bequeathed by ancient Sumerian civilization were presented in more detail. He holds that all species of living beings come from one ancestor, who appears in the water, and they grow different from one another through small changes that occur across (abasement God existence)

One of the most important statements of evolution theory is "the struggle for life" as the prime mover the occurrence of the development of living creatures in nature. According to Darwin, in the scuffle happened without know affection compassion for defending life, this is an eternal conflict. The strong always overcome the weak, and the occurrence of this encouraging development.

The additional title of the book Origin of Species embraces this view. "The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection or the preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life"
According to the view that Darwin presented in this book, the human races are at a different stage of evolution, and a number of race has evolved and the development of a faster race than the other-race. Conversely, some of them almost as level of monkey. Darwin stated that "the struggle for life" also occurred between human races. "Selection race" emerged as the winner in this fight. According to Darwin, the chosen race is white European. While Asia and Africa, race has left behind in the struggle to defend life. Darwin even step further with the races is no longer in contention will defeated in fighting to struggle life in the whole world, and then destroyed.

Darwinisme have built the philosophical basis for all of the world capitalist economy and political system that have colored by this economic system. This is the reason why the main supporter of Social Darwinism is the capital owner, the capitalist, materialistic imperialist & racialis. In each principal criticism, ideas that underlie motto is "the struggle for life" and the viability of the most powerful, a political party, nation, government, trading companies, and individual activities start the life with this motto oriented, have known by the name "Social Darwinism".

Some people said that Darwinism not be answerable to the reason that not all people know / heard about Darwinism dogma, especially in the community classes who have less education. The statement is true; at this time they who support Darwinism with the good understanding amounted very little. But keep in mind, those very little direct and control paradigm in most public areas of life. The influenced that they built to the community to reach a number of uncounted. They were able to drive in their thought patterns in most people. For example, the famous professor of the university, famous film director, editor of the publication of famous newspapers and magazines in the world, the TV station owner, most are the evolutionary.

Indi said...

Interesting as reflection, also media have great power in shaping public opinion.
Putu...if I may mention that you are opposed the theory of evolution or does not trust the theory?

SearchingSoul said...

Racism is always around us. I hope that one day it will be gone. Afterall, we belong to one race, that's humankind.

moen fresh said...

Previously have not been in my mind, there is the relationship between racism with Darwin theory.
Finally i read comment written by Putu, then felt the theory very racial :))

This theory has been give spirit for racism born on the earth with a scientific way, seems have a scientific justification. At this time there are many who believe the theory of evolution and the evolutionary still on the earth, with motto "struggle for life",thats why racism still exist.

Putu said...

For Indi :
I certainly oppose, because of the humanitarian disaster caused in the 20th century. At this time and for the future Darwin theory is not relevant to apply towards political, social, cultural & economic.

Have been many theories that oppose the theory of Darwin, because not authentic and the Scientific. Biological perspective, we acknowledge the Evolution but only change the physical function anatomy. Changes in the Physical form still can not change the pattern of Genetics, except the scientific engineering we know as Cloning theory.

For moen fresh : you got it what i mean :)


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