Friday, June 26, 2009

Scarcity in Abundance

Have you ever wondered what possibly could be the most scarce commodity in the world, gold, silver, diamonds, platinum, or it could be any other limited resources or may be even petrol. It send down a shiver just by the thought of any of these so called scares commodity would deplete completely and would be a thing of past, but sure it doesn’t threaten the existence of mankind. Now come to think of the stuff we take for granted, stuff that don’t value much and things that we use extravagantly without much thought, becomes scarce, it would be the worse holocaust that will befall the planet and the aftereffects of it are unparalleled in the history of mankind.
The situation here I am trying to create is not out of a sci-fi movie but a very likely possibility.
A quick Google search would be an eye opener and no. of web pages that open up highlighting depleting natural resources is mind boggling. The fear of such an eventuality is looming large and if it is asking for too much to wake up from the slumber it is going to be too late.
In India we are in middle of the Summer, the heat has gripped the nation and temperatures are soaring like never before. There is unexpected rise in temperature and places that once witnessed highest rainfall are in a drought like situation. There is already a lingering fear of a delayed monsoon and even if it comes it will be only about 80% of its normal quota. Most of the states are facing sever water crises and due to the depletion in water levels of major rivers and this in turn means less production of electricity, less food production, rise in inflation and many other aftereffects.

Since 1900, there has been a six-fold increase in water use for only a two-fold increase in population size. This reflects greater water usage associated with rising standards of living. In most part of the world there is no economic cost involved and so there is a tendency to splurge.

The other day watching television I saw a news item which showed that in some parts of the country the problem has become so acute that people are ready to kill each other and some incidents have already been reported where some one had to pay for water with their life.

Some of the direct fallout of water crises can be:-
Water Crises Can Lead to Outbreaks of Diseases
Water Shortages Can Cause Economic Problems
Water Crises Can Cause Political Unrest
Water Shortages Can Cause Global Outrage
Water Crises Could Happen to You

What is really lacking is a concerted effort by every individual and policy makers to solve this problem; with the recognition that there in no unlimited supply of water. If this does not happen then you would have to pay for water with the price of diamond or gold and if it gets worse, even with your life.

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Career Venn

It’s that time of the year again when anxiety runs high, trepidation is the only feeling; temperatures soar not only in terms of mercury rising but also in the heat of the moment. The verdict is almost out, some are gearing up to fly high and ready to soar others are still licking their wounds and cursing their soothsayers whom they had disposed so much faith on. Yes, it’s that time of the year when the board results are out and every one has to make a choice. Richard Bach Says “We live by the power of our choices”. Yes choices are what we make, and we are what we are by the power of our choice.
Just like migratory birds these young, vivacious and enthusiastic students with a dream in their eyes will be flocking to the higher seats of learning. It’s like swimming in the sand praying for some holy water. What awaits them no one knows; the future is all clouded in the shades of black and grey. Just like kayaking in the ocean with waves becoming graver with every passing second, you always have the choice of coming back to the shore or keep on moving; enjoying the trill of it like an adventure junky. Of course if you were to reach the other end you need right tools and technique. Merely a courageous heart or being a junky is not good enough. Nor is it enough to have merely willpower and right attitude.
This Venn diagram may be a good tool to make the right choices and take the correct decision that can help you tide the wave and eventually reach where only a few can treed.
As very clearly depicted in the diagram, Success is the amalgamation of all the three attributes i.e. Interest, Scope and Aptitude.
Say for example, if a particular area has interest and scope but you lack aptitude for it, the result is poor performance. Similarly if an area has lots of Scope and you have right aptitude for it but you lack the interest then it results in low happiness also if there is both interest and Aptitude but the Scope is low then clearly the growth would stagnate.
So go out there, at least try and make the right choices and follow you dreams because following dream is the most important thing. It all depends how much hunger you have and if you really crave for it, all the doors will open up. Also be an adventure junky for life, enjoy the process and have fun.
They say “Fortune favors the Brave”, so be brave enough to take your chances and surely the gods will be smiling at you.

Found these lyrics from Bon Jovi to be very apt…
“Some day I’ll be Saturday night Ill be back on my feet, I’ll be doin alright
It may not be tomorrow baby, that’s ok
I ain’t going down, gonna find a way”

Monday, June 15, 2009

I dont have much to say today ... Would like to share this piece of music ..

Take out a moment and listen .... it feels like I am 12 and home again :)


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Colour of the Skin

We have known what media can do, the power that it wields and also how irresponsible it can get. Sensationalizing is the fodder on which media lives and gossip is what it swears by. The latest talking point in Indian media is the so called "Raciest attacks" on Indian Students living abroad. In Various News Channels and Newspaper there is a constant rhetoric of racial attacks and it gets louder by the day. From the way media has been reporting this, it seems that every Australian is raciest and studying or working in Australia is clearly not the best thing you can do.

With so much of racisms in air I wonder what it is all about, also is it only about the colour of your skin or it could also be the way one looks, his income level or even sexual preference? Are we less raciest the so called raciest society? Even on a individual level haven’t we shown the tendency of racism at different point of our lives. Living in Delhi I have know how difficult it gets for a person from North East to lead a perfectly normal life without developing a feeling of hatred for anything remotely Indian, the difficulty that a resident of Bihar faces working in any part of the country and all the more in Maharastra or instances were a poor is considered entirely a different race from the so called upwardly mobile is not an exception.

So the whole talk of racism is misplaced and misconstrued, I am very much against any kind of violence; more so on students, the fact that the govt. has been a muted spectator and police grossly incapable and unwilling to act is deplorable but to brand a whole society raciest is being far too irresponsible. Also i think that the attacks have lot to do with economic downturn and job losses.

The world has made great strides in trying to curb this menace, we have come a long way from the Ku Klux Klan gang, Religious Wars, Cast System and many other religious and ethnic divide but we have a long way to go. We are still driven by religious fervor, sectarian politics, petty fights and maltreatment based on the levels of income. Any nation; be it (Australia or India) can truly come alive when each group will come over petty differences and acts as a unified entity, at the same time retain its originality. If each nation can do that only then we can call the world a truly Globalize Village and the whole talk of racism will be the thing of the past.


Saturday, June 6, 2009


These colours and sounds are uplifting ... green grass below , flags fluttering above , swinging bats, flying white ball, accelerating voice of commentators and those collective hands in the stands waving 4s ..

It has begun ... sweet echoing willow, sliding jersys , scampering boots , shies at the stumps and collective aahs from the crowd.

And it is building up ... chanting anthems , painted faces, thumping of chests , fists in air and war cries calling out boldly for a challenge.

Its the T20 world cup and its back after 2 years . This form of cricket is more about the new generation and its way of meeting life with a certain fearlessness.... the little audacity in self belief.Chancing uncertainity by backing instinct is what is new in the minds of these young players.

They say man has progressed more than other species on this planet because of its ability to understand and take calculated risk . And with passing time we've become increasingly better at it.

And thats how the young Indians think today ... perhaps thats why we are defending champions.


Monday, June 1, 2009

Have i earned it??

Have you ever felt a sense of betrayal, someone has been cheating you all along in spite of all your commitment and best effort. You feel let down and disappointed and suddenly as if you have been transported to another world, you seem completely detached from the happenings around you. You might have been in the best of places, rocking music, great food but then nothing seems right, nothing tastes right.
Is this the betrayal in love I am talking of ?? naa…come on guys I know that’s the first thing that comes to mind but here I am trying to talk about a more serious issue not to suggest that issues pertaining to love non serious and whimsical. The issue here is related to self and not anyone else. We have always believed in our abilities and had disposed our faith to it, but there are times when this very self has let us down.
Most of you must have watched the advertisement of Cadbury Bourneville, the caption goes like "Cadbury Bourneville cannot be bought, it must be earned".
This advertisement on television really got me thinking, and I could relate this to various instances in my life where I had a lingering question that did I really earn this to have it. In such times there is invariably a feeling of detachment and disenchantment. The place, the people and plot don’t matter, and a feeling of guilt overpowers me, just like a school boy who has been caught eyeing a good looking teacher.
In other times the settings is very ordinary, but the mood is exuberant, the music is good but the spring in my step is a step ahead then the beat, and the whole atmosphere is charged up not because of the influence of alcohol but the feeling that I deserved this.
In my B-school days we were engulfed by a similar felling at the success of the maiden event called perspective. What started with just an idea developed into a full fledged event and we pulled it of magnificently. There was no monetary gain or a career enhancement nor was it about winning laurels and accolades but the trill of its success was beyond comprehension and I guess it was more so because of the honest effort all three of us had put in. No wonder we have named this blog as Perspective. Even in an everyday setting; the joy magnifies several times if I know that I have been honest to myself and that I deserved every bit of it.
So next time you really want to enjoy and be on top, just ask yourself “Have I earned it??