Monday, September 15, 2008

State of Affairs

Its sometimes gets intimidating to the point of scariness, looking at the state of the affairs of the world generally and our nation specifically.... what else could explain the greed and deceit which governs today’s times. The whole talk of consumerism has had profound changes in the physic of the people more so in the developing nation and the fallout is for all to see. Just mere cursory glance at the teeming mall, and standing in the midst of human splurge made me wonder about the direction we are taking, and where will this greed to consume more and more lead us to.......and then I wonder the relevance of the word consumerism and how aptly it has led to the consumption of values, ethical practices and moral uprightness. How the whirlwind of consumerism has not spared anyone, from the so called common man to the rare breed of our public servants..and we all have witnessed the recent episode so widely televised....
Cheers to our growing appetite of consumption.......
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Sunday, September 14, 2008


Some lines from the "the guardian ".....

Can you lay your life down so a stranger can live?
Can you take what you need but take less than you give?
Can you close every day without the glory and fame?
Could you hold your head high when no one knows your name?

That's how legends are made,..................... at least that's what they say.

Can you loose everything you ever had planned?
Can you sit down again, and play another hand?
Could you risk every thing, for the chance of being alone?
Under pressure find the grace, or would you come undone.

That's how legends are made, least that's what they say.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Call it what you will but at one point of time somewhere deep down inside i had also thought that the dooms day has come. Blame it on the media or the panic stricken population or a divine turn of events, but the real issue is we all believe deep down of the nemesis which may not be very far off. To put things in perspective this is how it all happened:-
A day before the Big Bang experiment all the media were rife with stories of how the experiment might go wrong and the world could meet its demise. Initially i just ignored the stories as figment of ones imagination and that in modern era science has reached a level were these errors are next to impossible. I had recently read Angles and Demons by Dan Brown and knew about the Big Bang experiment slightly more then the general population.
The night before the experiment all was well..and suddenly at about 12.30 it started thundering. This was not a usual thunderstorm...but massive one and at one point of time i thought that i was in a war zone with US bombarding Iraq inside out. It went on right till the morning and that's when i thought something is wrong. Following this episode i did the usual stuff and reached my office on time. Just when i thought all's well and nothing would happen a employee of mine urged me come out and that he would show me a very interesting spectacle. Very reluctantly i left the comforts of my chair and went out ....The sight that i saw completely caught me off guard. At first i was all excited and wondered how amazing the sight was and that nature has it ways to surprise us. In fact the first ting i did was to dial my near and dear once to witness this amazing view.
Just then this employee of mine began to draw a co-relationship between the chain of events that happened and how probably the world is ending every minute. He asked me if he can go home and be with his family and i readily agreed. This also set me thinking weather it really was my last day on earth....very quickly i recollected various events in my life and was happy to realize that i really haven't done things that would invite the wrath of almighty and surely i would be in his good book. This thought dispelled all my fears and anxiety and i knew that i have to live much longer to fulfill all the unfinished task and that death has to come to all and sundry and it is for death that we treasure life.

Contributed by Sac..

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Pinnacle, peak , summit , zenith call it what u will .. but only a few scale to the top.!!

Let me present myself as a subject in a hypothetical situation to illustrate a point.

I like to draw & paint ( This preoccupation, however, has been locked up and stored in the attic long ago ,much like blankets during summers ). I dabble with brushes well enough for my own people. So my friends tell me .

On the other hand , my ability on the dance floor, is limited to an unheard genre which rythmically vacilates between bhangra and break dance of the 80s. It would be rather safe to say that chintu has two leet feet. I cant dance with ease.Its uncomfortable zone for me.

Given a week of undivided attention of qualified instructors in the two diciplines.. along with my complete willingness to improve my abilities to colour a canvas and set the dance floor on fire ...... Where according to you i would stand to perform better ??

For anyone who has seen me during the pgp program would know that my hands would come out more dexterous than my feet .

Keeping examples involving ammateur authors aside :it is much easier to improve on things "you like" as compared to stuff you feel is "just not u".

Its no doubt that i would have come out a better dancer than before but am sure my paitings would have reached a completely different level.

Strengths and Weaknesses, my friends am talking about these two themes.

We tend to be concious of our weaknesses more than pur strenghts.Strengths are taken for granted . Weakness occupies the mind.We tend to work more on our weaknesses .. strengths are left alone to slowly rust and turn brittle.

Strengths are outcomes of intrinsic themes which one enjoys doing for long hours and consistently but without monotony and strain. These themes need to be chisled with hard work to give shape to a statue of super achiver.

Work on weakness make zeroes come to averages. Super achievers , one who reach the pinnacle , work on the recognised advantages.

Weaknesses also need to be worked on ,but only to the extent of hiding the dust under the carpet.

Sachin has a weakness for full length ,on target deliveries which have known to crash on to the stumps on more than one ocassion. But dont his immpecable straight drives make every cricket lover stand up and cheer .

The master has some weaknesses but he is GOD because he has exalted his strengths .

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