Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Pinnacle, peak , summit , zenith call it what u will .. but only a few scale to the top.!!

Let me present myself as a subject in a hypothetical situation to illustrate a point.

I like to draw & paint ( This preoccupation, however, has been locked up and stored in the attic long ago ,much like blankets during summers ). I dabble with brushes well enough for my own people. So my friends tell me .

On the other hand , my ability on the dance floor, is limited to an unheard genre which rythmically vacilates between bhangra and break dance of the 80s. It would be rather safe to say that chintu has two leet feet. I cant dance with ease.Its uncomfortable zone for me.

Given a week of undivided attention of qualified instructors in the two diciplines.. along with my complete willingness to improve my abilities to colour a canvas and set the dance floor on fire ...... Where according to you i would stand to perform better ??

For anyone who has seen me during the pgp program would know that my hands would come out more dexterous than my feet .

Keeping examples involving ammateur authors aside :it is much easier to improve on things "you like" as compared to stuff you feel is "just not u".

Its no doubt that i would have come out a better dancer than before but am sure my paitings would have reached a completely different level.

Strengths and Weaknesses, my friends am talking about these two themes.

We tend to be concious of our weaknesses more than pur strenghts.Strengths are taken for granted . Weakness occupies the mind.We tend to work more on our weaknesses .. strengths are left alone to slowly rust and turn brittle.

Strengths are outcomes of intrinsic themes which one enjoys doing for long hours and consistently but without monotony and strain. These themes need to be chisled with hard work to give shape to a statue of super achiver.

Work on weakness make zeroes come to averages. Super achievers , one who reach the pinnacle , work on the recognised advantages.

Weaknesses also need to be worked on ,but only to the extent of hiding the dust under the carpet.

Sachin has a weakness for full length ,on target deliveries which have known to crash on to the stumps on more than one ocassion. But dont his immpecable straight drives make every cricket lover stand up and cheer .

The master has some weaknesses but he is GOD because he has exalted his strengths .

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Vikrant said...

Superb !!!!very true....this is much better than sunday..........hats offf to you!!!