Friday, September 12, 2008

Call it what you will but at one point of time somewhere deep down inside i had also thought that the dooms day has come. Blame it on the media or the panic stricken population or a divine turn of events, but the real issue is we all believe deep down of the nemesis which may not be very far off. To put things in perspective this is how it all happened:-
A day before the Big Bang experiment all the media were rife with stories of how the experiment might go wrong and the world could meet its demise. Initially i just ignored the stories as figment of ones imagination and that in modern era science has reached a level were these errors are next to impossible. I had recently read Angles and Demons by Dan Brown and knew about the Big Bang experiment slightly more then the general population.
The night before the experiment all was well..and suddenly at about 12.30 it started thundering. This was not a usual thunderstorm...but massive one and at one point of time i thought that i was in a war zone with US bombarding Iraq inside out. It went on right till the morning and that's when i thought something is wrong. Following this episode i did the usual stuff and reached my office on time. Just when i thought all's well and nothing would happen a employee of mine urged me come out and that he would show me a very interesting spectacle. Very reluctantly i left the comforts of my chair and went out ....The sight that i saw completely caught me off guard. At first i was all excited and wondered how amazing the sight was and that nature has it ways to surprise us. In fact the first ting i did was to dial my near and dear once to witness this amazing view.
Just then this employee of mine began to draw a co-relationship between the chain of events that happened and how probably the world is ending every minute. He asked me if he can go home and be with his family and i readily agreed. This also set me thinking weather it really was my last day on earth....very quickly i recollected various events in my life and was happy to realize that i really haven't done things that would invite the wrath of almighty and surely i would be in his good book. This thought dispelled all my fears and anxiety and i knew that i have to live much longer to fulfill all the unfinished task and that death has to come to all and sundry and it is for death that we treasure life.

Contributed by Sac..

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Rahul said...

Intresting thought on fear and fearlessness....

...wonder if for fear we would ever begin to treasure courage!