Friday, June 26, 2009

Scarcity in Abundance

Have you ever wondered what possibly could be the most scarce commodity in the world, gold, silver, diamonds, platinum, or it could be any other limited resources or may be even petrol. It send down a shiver just by the thought of any of these so called scares commodity would deplete completely and would be a thing of past, but sure it doesn’t threaten the existence of mankind. Now come to think of the stuff we take for granted, stuff that don’t value much and things that we use extravagantly without much thought, becomes scarce, it would be the worse holocaust that will befall the planet and the aftereffects of it are unparalleled in the history of mankind.
The situation here I am trying to create is not out of a sci-fi movie but a very likely possibility.
A quick Google search would be an eye opener and no. of web pages that open up highlighting depleting natural resources is mind boggling. The fear of such an eventuality is looming large and if it is asking for too much to wake up from the slumber it is going to be too late.
In India we are in middle of the Summer, the heat has gripped the nation and temperatures are soaring like never before. There is unexpected rise in temperature and places that once witnessed highest rainfall are in a drought like situation. There is already a lingering fear of a delayed monsoon and even if it comes it will be only about 80% of its normal quota. Most of the states are facing sever water crises and due to the depletion in water levels of major rivers and this in turn means less production of electricity, less food production, rise in inflation and many other aftereffects.

Since 1900, there has been a six-fold increase in water use for only a two-fold increase in population size. This reflects greater water usage associated with rising standards of living. In most part of the world there is no economic cost involved and so there is a tendency to splurge.

The other day watching television I saw a news item which showed that in some parts of the country the problem has become so acute that people are ready to kill each other and some incidents have already been reported where some one had to pay for water with their life.

Some of the direct fallout of water crises can be:-
Water Crises Can Lead to Outbreaks of Diseases
Water Shortages Can Cause Economic Problems
Water Crises Can Cause Political Unrest
Water Shortages Can Cause Global Outrage
Water Crises Could Happen to You

What is really lacking is a concerted effort by every individual and policy makers to solve this problem; with the recognition that there in no unlimited supply of water. If this does not happen then you would have to pay for water with the price of diamond or gold and if it gets worse, even with your life.


Rahul said...

since u wrote on this topic, i am impelled to share what my egyptian tour guide mentioned to me during a short trip to Cairo few months back. He said you take water for granted in India, there are parts in Egypt which get rain once in 70 years ..thats like witnessing rainfall just once in a life time .

He also said God has not given everything to everyone , but what u have ,may be on somebody's wishlist .


ferry said...

hi putu...

nice comment ...
your comment in the past shows that you are smart girl, let us know about your next opinion in this topic.

Putu said...

It is true that the amount of water on the planet Earth is very numerous and abundant, but need to know that 97.5% is salt water that cannot be consumed by human beings as such. While the remaining 2.5% is fresh water, in principle, can be consumed. But 2/3 of the amount of fresh water is ice that can be found in the North Pole and South Pole and the rest is ground water/dirty water that can be drunk after passing through various processes. You can conclude now whether we have abundant clean water or not.

News regarding the lack of water/drought in India, Bolivia, Israel, Canada, USA, Mexico, several countries in Africa, China, has become major news in the various mass media in the world. Water crisis is the most dimensional ecological damage spread, most difficult and least visible. This problem does not only occur due to population growth, but worsened by the excessive use of water. In this case, humans have been harmful to the earth and destroy its capacity to receive, hold and absorb water. Forest clearing and mining has destroyed absorption ability of the soil to store water. Another thing that cannot be denied the increased use of fuel oil has caused air pollution and climate change, which is the main cause of flooding and drought.

Water crisis can be more serious as long as there isn’t any response from us as a world community. Water crisis that is felt by the community is not only because of ecological problems but injustice, greed & corruption mental of authorities at the policy/legislator water resources management. And most impact the general public/lower classes’ community. Response that is required not only cope with climate change due to global warming but the need of regulation and long-term policy that is right for each country in managing water resources so that conflict does not arise an internal or even external (inter-State).

Some of the policies issued in different countries on water resources management are not impartial people. By laws that provide opportunities for sector privatization of drinking water and water resources control to business entities and individuals. As a result, water rights for each individual threatened with the agenda of privatization and commercialization. Through the privatization of this guarantee the basic rights of people with the private sector is determined by the market mechanism, the price mechanism and of course the increase in water tariff and this is already happening in many countries. Case in one of the country, in areas experiencing drought and water scarcity because water in the river upstream most flowed to a reservoir for specific water supply for the plantation of capital owners (capitalists), and many cases that occur. While the rights to water cannot be separated from other human rights, and not only capital owners rights. In other words, to guarantee the rights to water for the community is the responsibility of the government.

External conflict/inter-state can occur in coming days if wrong policy taken by the power holder, there will be a conflict of water alienation and fertile land between the countries. We take the example "Brahmaputra Diversion project" as has been known that the river Brahmaputra is the source of food, land and water for India and China. North pole (Greenland) that is surrounded by 3 continents and 5 countries are: Russia, America, Canada, Denmark and Norway. Later known to have abundant natural resources, such as gas, oil, uranium, titanium, and gold. Along with the issue of global warming and ice melt in the world, North Pole soon become a strategic route for the shipping trade in the world.

Will world war happen again in the future? If there is, won’t be war alienating black gold (oil) but war alienating blue gold (water). Remember we are not in a planet called planet Indonesia, India, China etc. But we live in the planet called planet Earth as a big family. Solution/policies taken must prioritize togetherness interest, not the interests of individuals, groups and countries.

ferry said...

very good comment putu..
you can exlore this topic more detail and compile it from your basic education to the most of issue global.
i think you are master in water resources management ! viva !

Putu said...

To. Mr. Ferry.

Thank you for your compliment, I don’t deserve to get it.
I am not a master in water resources management, but I have the desire to continue my education to get a master's degree in that field.You may be able to give reference to me to get a scholarship to the Netherlands.
I know you are a master in water resources management ... ... oopss I have read your profile :)

moen fresh said...

Water crisis has been held in my country, and the community and the authorities are less concerned with this problem than the problems of war, oil, mining.

For Putu, my comment same with Fery :)) Go can !!

Vera said...

We have to care about the water crisis with serious, because this problem threatens viability.

Putu, Netherlands is the right choice.
Ferry...will you give reference for Putu & sponsor her?

INdi said...

Netherlands ?? how about India ? especially Bangalore :))will give u information the best university here related with water resources management.

ferry said...

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Putu said...

Thanks for Perspective, as it always show my comments that I have given on this blog, even though it is actually more appropriate called article :))

To. Mr.John Ferry & Ms.Vera Rosalina.
An honor for me if given opportunity to meet directly with the great people like you.

As for my friends..moen fresh & INdi, thanks for ur support :D