Friday, June 19, 2009

The Career Venn

It’s that time of the year again when anxiety runs high, trepidation is the only feeling; temperatures soar not only in terms of mercury rising but also in the heat of the moment. The verdict is almost out, some are gearing up to fly high and ready to soar others are still licking their wounds and cursing their soothsayers whom they had disposed so much faith on. Yes, it’s that time of the year when the board results are out and every one has to make a choice. Richard Bach Says “We live by the power of our choices”. Yes choices are what we make, and we are what we are by the power of our choice.
Just like migratory birds these young, vivacious and enthusiastic students with a dream in their eyes will be flocking to the higher seats of learning. It’s like swimming in the sand praying for some holy water. What awaits them no one knows; the future is all clouded in the shades of black and grey. Just like kayaking in the ocean with waves becoming graver with every passing second, you always have the choice of coming back to the shore or keep on moving; enjoying the trill of it like an adventure junky. Of course if you were to reach the other end you need right tools and technique. Merely a courageous heart or being a junky is not good enough. Nor is it enough to have merely willpower and right attitude.
This Venn diagram may be a good tool to make the right choices and take the correct decision that can help you tide the wave and eventually reach where only a few can treed.
As very clearly depicted in the diagram, Success is the amalgamation of all the three attributes i.e. Interest, Scope and Aptitude.
Say for example, if a particular area has interest and scope but you lack aptitude for it, the result is poor performance. Similarly if an area has lots of Scope and you have right aptitude for it but you lack the interest then it results in low happiness also if there is both interest and Aptitude but the Scope is low then clearly the growth would stagnate.
So go out there, at least try and make the right choices and follow you dreams because following dream is the most important thing. It all depends how much hunger you have and if you really crave for it, all the doors will open up. Also be an adventure junky for life, enjoy the process and have fun.
They say “Fortune favors the Brave”, so be brave enough to take your chances and surely the gods will be smiling at you.

Found these lyrics from Bon Jovi to be very apt…
“Some day I’ll be Saturday night Ill be back on my feet, I’ll be doin alright
It may not be tomorrow baby, that’s ok
I ain’t going down, gonna find a way”


INdi said...

Success in career can't be easily achieved, lots of energy shall be pour, lots of time has to be spent. Venn diagram is a great tool, highlighting the intersecting interests.

Interest is not enough, you must have the desire. And so aptitude is nothing without being competent.
Yes, in every aspect of life there are always options. Options does not lessen the need for focus. And focus is not about selecting the "right" choice between several options. To be successful you must understand how to align your desire and competency with the job market. You also need to understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats within yourself (SWOT analysis).

Explore yourself more to find the hidden, discover the limits of your potential.

Putu said...

The career Venn Tool is a good reference as to the success, and very relevant. I agree with Indi opinion, we must have the desire to achieve success.

If we want to be successful the most basic need to have a dream (goal setting) and the persistence to achieve success, if it does not have a dream and imagination, it will fall on the one thought that pragmatic, such as a ship complete with all the equipment that all modern, sophisticated and luxurious, but without the captain does not have a clear goal.

Indeed, the dream is a "mental picture" Inspire all human efforts to make the reality form, and you have proved at this time the dreams had come true. In the modern era now, you can enjoy various facilities, convenience and comfort in life such as television, computer, mobile phone, it all started from the "dream", that dream has turned into reality. You can see the historical heritage, the magic world that originally come from dreams, Pyramid in Egypt, the Great Wall China, Tajo Mahan in India, Eiffel Tower in France, Borobudur Temple in Indonesia ... etc

Talent?... It is very common that people do not succeed solely on the talent.
Intellect and higher education?.. In this world there are so many intelligent people are displaced.
Opportunity?.... There are many failures only because of veining the chance & opportunity that exists.

Remember!! Thomas Alfa Edison doing experiment 1000 times before he found the light bulb and 1000 patents of all time, John Creasy was rejected 743 times by is publisher before successfully publishes 560 titles that have sold over 60 million copies. Admiral Peary had successful reached North Pole after trying 8 times. Same happened with Albert Einstein and others. There is nothing in this world that is capable of replacing and overcome the persistence, if you want to be successful light up your dreams and achieve that with your persistence, indomitable spirit of abstinence, and does not close the possibility we will become a successful person.

This is only a comment from a dreamer, and what I am today is the result of all dreams that come true…cheer :)


Hi Indi i am completely with your views that desire is very important for success, also a SWOT analysis is a great tool to align your attributes to the career you plan to choose. Also as Putu said, being a dreamer and having persistence is a foregone conclusion...

moen fresh said...

I have all the criteria mentioned in the career Venn diagram, but so far I have not reached the success in career. I should be able to become a manager in the place where I work, but my position on the level supervisor stagnates. I was aware during this time I did not have a dream (goal setting) to become a manager and did not try with persistence.
And I am sure many people just like me, do not have dreams in life, the more extreme is afraid to dream even only a small dream.
Putu...i agree with u.