Saturday, June 6, 2009


These colours and sounds are uplifting ... green grass below , flags fluttering above , swinging bats, flying white ball, accelerating voice of commentators and those collective hands in the stands waving 4s ..

It has begun ... sweet echoing willow, sliding jersys , scampering boots , shies at the stumps and collective aahs from the crowd.

And it is building up ... chanting anthems , painted faces, thumping of chests , fists in air and war cries calling out boldly for a challenge.

Its the T20 world cup and its back after 2 years . This form of cricket is more about the new generation and its way of meeting life with a certain fearlessness.... the little audacity in self belief.Chancing uncertainity by backing instinct is what is new in the minds of these young players.

They say man has progressed more than other species on this planet because of its ability to understand and take calculated risk . And with passing time we've become increasingly better at it.

And thats how the young Indians think today ... perhaps thats why we are defending champions.


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