Sunday, May 24, 2009

First Half is over - time for a "STRATEGIC BREAK"

Some how they managed to stick 30 candles on the same 1.5 pound cake that i have been cutting even before i knew what it was.

Counting the candles was fun and blowing them off was challenging. But every year i made sure i had enough to blow them off. Yeah I blew each one of them " year over year"

Nothing can be reversed, things already said (good/bad) can not be taken back but there are another 30 years to relive it; hour by hour day by day and year by year.

Bon Voyage!!!




Hay it was good to know that avi a.k.a daddyee a.k.a. NASH...left a birthday note for me in his own inimitable style, what it was a belated one. But calling 30 years half way would be too early too soon. I am aging for sure but i would like to believe that i have long way to go. Thanks chintu for the wishes as well....the journey continues...for the greater good...

Putu said...

I am a follower on your blog, glad to see your article after so long, keep writing :D