Friday, May 1, 2009

Its All in the Mind….

Watching David Blaine the other day on television makes me realize what mind power can do. Even if the unbelievable shows he put up has to do with tricks, illusion and camera work, the show of endurance and courage like being in the Box for 44 days, hanging over river Thames with no food, Spending 7 days in a transparent coffin with 6 inches of head room or standing on a pole for 42 hrs, 62 hours standing encased in an ice block etc is nothing short of superhuman effort.. He even sets a world record for holding his breath for 17 minutes on The Oprah Winfrey.

Amazing feat by any standard, just goes on to show what powers does human poses if only he starts believing. Watching some amazing feat in Riply’s Believe it or not makes you wonder if it is humanly possible to pull off such mind-boggling trick with such ease. One cant help but to relate it with ancient Indian saint and yogi’s who performed such amazing acts which are beyond the comprehension of humans in today’s times. Even today one can trace them to some remote corner of the world and be spellbound by their acts.

The other day in Gym we were discussing usual stuff about life and work, and somehow this discussion took a turn about being successful. I came up with the argument that everyone in his capacity does his best, puts his best foot forward and does everything he/she can to be successful but not everyone is successful. This gentleman had a very interesting point to make, he said that it’s true that everyone in his capacity tries his best but what makes the difference is the extra mile one is willing to travel. That extra or the little push, believe in oneself and sincerity of effort is what differentiates an achiever from a non achiever.

I couldn’t have agreed more and could immediately relate with the quotation by Arnold Schwarzenegger hung in the gym right in front of us, it says:-

“The Mind always fails first and not the Body; the trick is to make the mind work for you and not against you”.

Off course he was relating it to the art of Body Building but this is so true for everything that we do in life. Most of us cannot be David Blaine or even come close to being those Yogis’s but we can certainly travel that extra mile, give that little extra push, endure a little more and play even harder and that may makes all the difference.



INdi said...

The key is an organized mind!. If you are able to organize your mind, you will be succeeded in organizing and control your life. You will see success and happiness from a much better point of view. Someone with trained and organized mind is someone who is happy and success. As Abraham Lincoln said that "People are just about as happy as they make up their minds to be". To organize your mind you must control it. As Charles Darwin said that "The highest stage in moral culture is when we recognize that we ought to control our thoughts".

Putu said...

This is all what I am thinking at the moment…
The mind is energy and vibration, is the power of creative, great masterpiece in the world was produce from the mind. The mind is truly alive, moving so fast, free, wild, through time and dimension. Nothing is more powerful than the mind. All things that we like, we hate, and we feel is the mind.

To create something, we must begin to imagine it in mind first, must have a high awareness of mental-ability, and directing it on goals selected. That no power can overcome the strength of mind that know itself and realize its own abilities, here the awareness is vision.

I think whatever your goal, whether become successful, happy person, that the strength of mind lead it towards, strength of vision. Success or failure depends on mental decision that you create in your own mind, the sharper and focus you on your vision, the closer you are to reality.

A Greek philosopher, Plato, spoke of the great strengths that we have in mind, also described by Plato that reality / the situation created by our minds and we can change our situation by changing thoughts that pass in our minds.

We often hear "if you want to succeed, the key is to work hard"
If we see, it has always emphasized everywhere to "work hard" in other words by the physical strength. The strength of mind is still ignored.
A truly synergistic combination of work hard if combined with the strength of mind.

Buddha once said that "The mind is the forerunner of all things, the mind is leader, and the mind is forming. When someone speak or act with a pure mind, then happiness will follow as shadow that never leaves things ".

Ps: as for INdi....
Me janti hoo aap kaun ho :-P
Silicon valley kaisi hai ?
To jab tak mei yaha hoo aap mere saath rahenge :))