Saturday, May 23, 2009


The caption on Marlboro lights makes for string of interesting thoughts.

" SMOKING KILLS " in bold, covers almost bottom half of the packet providing information to customers on ill effects of smoking, unequivocally - though am not sure it changes intent for any of us smokers. . .lol !

Warning of disastrous consequences on health is not brand new piece of information and really, reiteration of this by the manufacturers ( obviously to meet statutory requirements) has no bearing on their intent as well.

Information is powerful , yet intent rules -for both the customers and the manufacturer.

We all are party to similar behaviour, deep down we know what we need to be doing or what is the right thing to do in most situations, despite that it is the intent which differs.

Now, lets take this and turn it around, for a positive message to all.

Can we say willingness is more powerfull then intellect . If you are willing to give it a go even though you may not have complete information or intelligence , you are more likely to get favourable results. Let me give you an example to seal the argument . Forrest Gump was not very intellectually inclined.but he did stuff - be it cross country run, table tennis - and he excelled.

While not begetting intelligence and power of knowledge , at our individual levels the power really lies in going ahead of the doubt which information can create; and charting your way into the direction of your will ,even though intelligence might be sneering the decision.

The IBM ads which go " STOP THINKING - START DOING " or the vintage nike line " JUST DO IT "is a befitting extension of this thought.

Do write in your thoughts , while i go get a smoke .... :)



Anonymous said...

well.. not that this amuses me.. forest gump was a movie meant to charm lil boys lile u who didnt have imagination knowledge or all the other words u mentioned in ur blog.. spare the talk on cig packs.. kids like u stare at th pack more than they smoke.. a girly brand like marlboro suits you.. step outside n see the real world rather than being transfixed on the malicious advertising industry which makes us buy things we dont need..

Rahul said...

well what do we have here ...wannabe tyler durden attempting a critique......whats really amazing is that the article is not abt adverstising in the first place.. lol...the message is completely different . anyways .. glad u stopped by and wrote. comments are always welcome.


Putu said...

LOL..LOL...LOL...Well before laughing equated with terrorist activities, should you laugh as much as possible, the more you laugh the better. Especially laughing mind stupidity as bridge of understanding. Different from the actual bridge which across anyone from a mainland to the other without the need to conduct a rape, mind across human from one understanding to the other complete with its rape, there are many people whose mind does not become a bridge to its understanding, in contrary become the understanding cloud barrier.

Everything that come from outside, such as knowledge, doctrine, experience, ideology, religion, etc. are easier to select, because they really come from outside and be outside. However, conditionaly that comes from within as the willingness, confidence and trust; it's more dangerous than just that enemy in the blanket. These conditions from the outside similar to the guests come to visit, and if we do not like just close the house door. But the willingness, confidence and trust in our own, it is the owner of the house itself. Besides of being inside a house, it is difficult to imagine we can evict house owners from their own house...LOL...LOL..:))

INdi said...

lol too :))...interesting!!

Moen Fresh said...

Putu.. I am laughing for mind stupidity now !!..thank you for remainded lol...:))