Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Modern Mystique

Last few days have been very eventful, Barak Obama has arrived at the centre stage and his call of the change has finally been answered. They said: “Change we need” and Change they got. A few days back India ended the Aussies dominance to the world cricket…"Change we got”. Everyday the world changes in more then one ways.

From the complete American dominance we have seen how even this highly arrogant superpower has been bought to the knees by the world financial crises. How a kingmaker who lived all his life in palaces adorned with gold was caught in a rat hole and finally died in prison. How the 9/11 episode, the breaking of Berlin wall, the anti-apartheid movement, the French revolution and many other events changed everything.

Change we know is a fact and an accepted phenomenon but what is surprising is how these changes affect us all at a very functional level. How a totally unrelated event in some part of the world can make huge changes in our lives.

Let’s looks at economics point of view…. a hurricane Katrina or Gustava in US, or a fire in the oil fields or a bad monsoon in India can really change the scheme of things for us. Even more surprising is a 100 basis point increase in lending rate by bank of Japan can see world stock market crashing and FII’s pulling out money like droves.

Global Warming the most debated topic is truly global phenomenon. The impact of the pollution caused by US and now by developing nations like China & India is felt globally. Portions of the world like Africa or Artic Circle that contribute least to the warming, are most affected by its impact.

Take the example of World Wide Web…the internet has affected us in more then a handful of ways. It has bought world closer …so close that it is there virtually in your drawing room. Emotions flow over net, people develop life long relationship, new contacts get build and some also get annihilated over net…strange things can happen.

The whole concept of eastern philosophy is based on interdependence of things and the mutual interrelationship of all things and events and everything is the manifestation of one ultimate reality. This basic oneness is not only the central characteristic of the mystical experience but is also the most important revelation of the modern physics. It becomes apparent at sub atomic level as one penetrates deeper into matter. As we probe further beyond neutrons, protons and electrons we find that the basic building blocks of all matter are energy that travels at the speed of light. Probe further and we find that everything is nothing but energy as very well depicted by Einstein in the theory of relativity…E = mc^2.

So next time you think of doing something small or something new…be careful you might just be changing a lot of things in a way that you may not have foreseen at all.

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