Monday, November 17, 2008

The all enchanting/strangling web…..

In my last article I had talked about the interconnectedness of anything and everything in the world. The World Wide Web is one shining example and talking of web, I have been witnessing a strange chain of events last few weeks. Each time I paid a visit to my garage to drive out my car a peculiar set of web formation caught my eye.  I could see some spiders working vigorously and creating a so called trap to make a killing. A carefree guy that I am really didn’t bother much to clear up the mess, but each time I went in it definitely caught my eye. 

With every passing day I saw it growing and after few days it actually started producing results. One could see insects of different variants of getting stuck up there and struggling for their life....most would end up dead. It was a roaring business for them. For me this was a normal stuff and really didn’t bother me much being fully aware of how the nature functions.

A few days, rather a few weeks went by and it was great going for the spider. I thought that a false sense of security engulfed them because I often saw some of his compatriot roaming freely with a distinctive air of confidence. So much so one day I saw on of them on the hood of my car.

Then the ill-fated happened as if it was written all over the place. I saw one of them struggling to get disentangle in the web they had built. I watched this with amusement and the following day there were two of them, one had given up on struggle and the other was hoping against the hope.

Those were spiders, who had to abide by their basic nature and the only survival tool they have but for the man we know; creation of web is the additional tool for satiating his insatiable appetite.

I am sure we all can draw parallel to this in our own lives and all around us in which ever part of the world we live. Be it relationships we have built, people around us, nature of our work or anything and everything we do. Also one cannot help relating this to the current financial mess which is the creation of the complex web we built and the incidents that followed is an open book now.

Some one rightly said “We design our lives with the power of our choices” do we want to make it a complex web or keep it simple is completely our decision…..


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