Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mind Teaser

         T A T E 
+      T A K E
=    A E X I X
Find the value of AEXIX...
Each alphabet represents distinct single digit from 0-9.
post the answers with explanation in the comment section. 


Rahul said...

... whats S doing in between ...

Avinash said...
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Avinash said...


The value of AEXIX is 16292
The figures are as follows:

You start with a simple logic that sum of any two numbers (or anything x by 2) from 0-9 is an even number and the first numbe i.e "X" is an even number which is not zero. Further consider A to be 1 coz if you make all the alphabets as 9 still A will have a value of one only.

So you have identifed A=1
That by default makes X=2 ( safe to assume)

Which means that E = 6 (E can either be 1 or 6. Since A = 1 E has to be 6)
what remains to be Identified now is value of T and I. Since A = 1 and X = 2 and T+T = 16 T has to be 8.

The equation ( as chintu would say will look like)
81 8 6
81 K 6
162 I 2
It is 162 "I" 2

Since on the second place 8+1 is already 9 i cant have anything else except 0 at K or else the whole thing will go for a toss Therefore

T=8 ; A = 1 ; E=6 ; K=0 ; X=2 ; I=9

Awaiting for something challenging

Time require to solve ~ 3 minutes

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