Sunday, November 30, 2008


Hour of wolves feasting on manflesh,
Fed & let loose by nocturnal allies & backstabbing neigbours,
Self proclaimed Men of god end lives in the name of God.

Lost sons & daughters long for vengance .
A home divided within, hyenas & vultures dressed in white appear in time .
Nation's jugular bleeds, heart weeps & blood gushes from stabbed back.

Long into the night sons answer call of duty,
Innocents relieved , Terror is smoked out and killed by count.
Anxiety doused, Anger still pulsating in the viens .

We do not rejoice. Songs of victory are coming none.
We mourn the dead & lend silence for the brave.

We look to crying mothers and to the heavens ...
He is not unjust.

Make your prayers ...... when we come after your brothers.
God is on our side.
And even if he's not....... make no mistake ..... We will bring you down .


1 comment:

Flysumit said...

You exemplify the mood of the nation in the most defining way...
The power of collective consciousness is what we aim through this...and it’s no ordinary the nation wakes up to a new dawn... somethings change for ever