Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Seeing is believing"

And i always thought "seeing is believing."
This actually reminds me of a incident in the last few days of our post graduation programme. The hay days were just about to end and the new reality was round the corner. We grudgingly passed the days hoping against hope that it would never end and feeling of nostalgia completely gripped the campus. We have had great placement season baring a few who actually nurtured a feeling that the whole system was unfair to them cos. they deserved much more then a petty job, nevertheless they too were disoriented with the imminent end  in sight of the paid holidays.  
With the end in measurable distance and future up for grabs the only pertinent question that was bothering everyone was what the future beholds and who could actually be the next shining star among us. So much so that some creative mind thought that this could make a great fodder for some discussion and gave a much needed impetus to our shagging spirits. The college was now rife with speculation as to who could possibly be at the cover of time magazine anytime in future. There were many contenders for the coveted post and as obvious as it may sound i was completely out of the contention. Behind closed doors my batch mates had heated discussions and debates but i am not sure weather they actually managed to pen down few individuals for the same. Though i never even figured in the discussion i somewhere felt to have been given a raw deal and should have been atleast present in some small, meaningless, isolated, one in a many, discussion. 
Never mind that, the above picture leave me amazed and if not in real life, in reel life i surely can now be on covers. For anyone who saw and understood Matrix or the Trueman Show the whole concept of real life is at question and sometime i wonder how real is the so called real life and how unreal is the reel life???? The point is i am in the billboars and that makes me happy and  i can find all the reason to justify it (We just crossed 1000 hits.....and i am loving it)


Rahul said...

looking good, babe !


Anonymous said...

Where is Tang!!!!



Avi/Chintu...i guess tang has a lot to do with it.... highly recomended to both of u...especially to daddy