Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April Fool's Day

There is a famous saying which says " You can fool some people all the time, you can fool all the people some time but you cant fool all the people all the time" am not very sure how relevant that saying is in today's scenario

In India nothing gets bigger then elections, the mother of all event and festival. We are scheduled for voting in next 15 days and the whole country is already in a tizzy. From television to newspaper, sms campaign to portering, street talks to roadside rumors, no stone is left unturned by these wily politicians. In one of those election rallies i heard one of them make such promises that if he were to come to power things would change for ever, no one will ever sleep hungry and all will be literate, just the kind of Ethiopian world that Shri Ravindranath Tagore had imagined ( Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high...where knowledge is free). It doesn't matter what he did in last five years, the kind of corruption charges he faces, doesn't matter the fact that his constituency has shown a negative growth, this person has the audacity to face the public with shameless arrogance and impunity. The most surprising thing is that the poor public will again buy into his argument, may be this candidate will be re-elected and in all probability things are going to get worse.

Having heard him speak i wondered why people celebrate April fool's day on 1st of April. I am sure that there is some crazy reason for doing so and if you search wikipedia you would know, but the point is we get fooled all the time. Why blame these poor people, the so called upwardly mobile, learned, opinion makers of the society are no less impressionable then any of them. American citizens have been the biggest fools of the century and when the fed said that nothing can go wrong with their economy knowing very well that some day bubble will burst, they all seemed to believe him. United States have also been sucessful in fooling the world, we all know that the Taliban is the creation of America and its allies, but no one is willing to look at the real issue. The whole invasion of Iraq was a sham, the weapons of mass destruction was never to be found because there wasn't any. One can easily say it to be the oil diplomacy of worst kind and yet Bush was re-elected by the wise Americans. Sometimes i think that the whole concept of organized religion is basically to fool people for some grave, vested interest. The world has always been fooled by some kind of conspiracy theory and its seems that there is no end to that. The big corporations like Enron, WorldCom and now Satyam have fooled people for decades and i am sure many more are party to this act. The politicians fool us all the time and we get fooled all time.

To my mind the April fools day should have a broader connotation and world over it should be recognized as a national holiday, it should be a month long celebration with lots gusto and funfair paying homage to those who have left us gullible and week. What do you guys think....


SearchingSoul said...

I finally watched Slumdog Millionaire. It's truly an amazing movie. It touched me to the core. Now I understand why they call them "Slumdogs". You should watch it.

Putu said...

HM Kuitert statement that says: "everything is politic, but politic is not everything”. Politics is indeed identical with interests. Then the question, which human or group that do not have any interest in any action? Whether a bad interests, good interests, or interests of truth.

In this world there are too many politician than statesman, I say this because being faced with political history that has been there. As J.F Clark said, "A Politician Thinks About The Next Election, A Statesman Thinks About The Next Generation”. Fact that the political world indeed has not given such meaning contribution, even though the fluctuation very great, what all of that means? If the sorrow everywhere still exists in a large percentage.
That's what distinguishes politic of most politicians between statesman politicians, where statesman politic interests are truth oriented, while most politicians political oriented with bad interests and beneficial themselves or their group only.

Crave human presence can be the center of attention as exemplary center is the ideal goal of each nation, religion, and ethnic, even political ideology. Leaders deserve being precedent is who has moral courage, clear concept, the consistency of policy, there is also support to the people, and have a clear vision about the future fate of the nation, to free people from the entanglement of poverty, unemployment and can express people or the citizens heart to the central government .

Skeptical attitude for 2009 are valid, legitimate, but become factious when wallow in skeptical attitude continuously. The question is what our FOLLOW UP? As human who realized has been fooled.


Hi Searchingsoul i will surely watch that movies this weekend. may be can write another article on it with a better perspective. Thanks.
As for putu you always have a new perspective and the insights are wonderfull.