Sunday, March 15, 2009

Colours of Life

Colours gives our lives a new meaning and adds a different dimensions to things around us. Imagine a world which is colourless, where we have only different shades grey and white to choose from, where it is difficult to distinguish water from sky, dirt from design and a rainbow is but an arbitrary combination of grey and white. To think of the world as we see it today in contrast to the one I had asked you to imagine, one cannot help but count his blessings. Lately the world has been fascinated by a different kind of colour and it clearly seems that red is the flavor of the season. With each passing day the red grows graver in Wall Street and markets across the world. With the sudden reversal of trends the countries are on a nationalization drive and some are even wondering it’s the end of road for Capitalism and a reincarnation of Communism (Red is back). The recent bombings, acts of terrorism and violence, genocide practices, campus shootouts, religious wars and other human crime goes on to suggest that red rules the roost.

One cannot help but draw a parallel to our immediate neighbours...yes you guessed it right ...Pakistan who on the face of it has completely given up on green and adopted red. Strange are the ways of the world...just the other day it seemed that they are ready to do a jihad for green and today red is all they want. The long march in Pakistan by the opposing party and disgruntled lawyer is in contrast to the short march that the Taliban is planning from Peshawar to Islamabad. The country is in disarray thanks to the Frankenstein they created, a monster that has now turned wild and ready to consume its own creators.  Red (Blood) is what it needs and its appetite for this colour increase with each passing day. After having tried its hand on neighbors it has lost it way and is now hell bent in consuming its own masters.

Last week India was also fascinated with Colours albeit a different kind ...Colours in all its hues including different shades of red. We celebrated Holi the festival of Colours, the festival of vitality and triumph. This was the first major event after Mumbai attacks and a strong message to the world that in our diversity lies the dignity, in our complex system there is a common thread that binds us all. With Colours smeared on the face it is difficult to distinguish a King from a Pauper, a Technocrat from a Beggar, a Politician for an Ordinary Worker, a so called Slumdog from a successful Entrepreneur and this effect of equality among differing Colours really sums up the spirit of Holi.



Mukund said...

Well you have established an interesting relation between the colors and the happenings around us i must say.... great going...

Putu said...

Ego In The World ...

Reminds me of the famous idea of David C McClelland, about “community achievement”, fundamental in this idea life is only be feasible to run if becomes number one. Tens year pass the virus spread seems still running fast. As in the corporate world and in the shifting of power state is also similar, the figures are aggressive, offset the terrorist no less aggressive. As a result, the temperature relationships amongst humans in the world are getting more heat each day.

The implications of the virus injection achievement, no doubt, all have consequence. Peace, happiness, and soul comfort are only pieces that have to be sacrificed. Yet unseen signs of world’s peace and political temperature that is getting more heat in some countries that used to be calm, people are very busy serving all the elite that wants to be number one.

At one side, a story from India, as India independence, Mahatma Gandhi sincerely gives the prime ministry position to Nehru. A decision that saves India as well as provides the opportunity to grow without being disturbed by virus enmity to becomes number one.

A story from Indonesia, Muhammad Hatta is a legend, he fills his life with the blessed become number two. At the time disputes occurred several times with the number one. He saved this country with the blessed as number two.

The story of Tibet, Dalai Lama is a living spiritual giant, Awarded peace noble and the highest civil awards in the U.S. which makes a line with Georges Washington and Paus Yohannes Paulus II.

Secret behind all this stories is similar, at the lost of ego, only virtues remains.