Friday, January 30, 2009

This picture represents an old, leafless, worn out tree and still standing strong. A Show of resistance and courage in face of odds. I was wondering what the world would look like if all the trees were alike; the show of strength and courage would then termed as barren and lifeless.

The whole talk of global warming seems slightly misplaced to me... the concept seems alien and little to do with me...its a global problem and why should I be bothered, its certainly not my responsibility because I have been told that its every body's responsibility.

I would rather put it as local warming and a local problem. It’s when things come to shove does one realize that the stuff we thought would never affect us is in fact right at our doorstep and can change the whole complexion of the game. Its when the whole global thing threatens one's existence and way of life does he realize that he has to act before the forces of nature will act on him.

So the idea is to localize this problem, talk about local issues and how it is affecting local lives. If you are living near the cost then educate people on how marine life may get impacted, the whole coral reef might get destroyed and in turn affect tourism and this directly impacts their livelihood. If near the mountains talk about how a warmer planet affects the Flora and Fauna, the Ecological changes means more landslides, extreme climate and thus directly impacting everyone in the region.
If we can do this may see a much more concerted effort to root out this menace before it gets too late...


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Putu said...

"Think Globally, Act Locally"