Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Satyam to ASatyam

                                                               Its been a while since I wrote my last article and no excuses for the same, it just goes on to show that these I have not been managing my time well.

New Year has just started and already the news coming from home and abroad is not very encouraging. We had Mumbai attacks to end the year, the world has watched in horror the recent tussle in Gaza and the news in financial circles kept getting worse.

In India the revelation of Satyam CEO that he has been cooking the books for over seven years and all the reserves, fixed deposits and receivables that the company showed in books was just a mere entry in the books of accounts without any relevance i.e. all the money never existed and the assets were fictitious in nature. All the claims, quarterly, annual results, the auditors report, the corporate governance award, the eminent personality that made up the board of directors ...all resembles a house made of cards cemented by lies and when the cement went out of stock it all came crumbling down. 

I have often wondered that these kinds of acts are worse then the terrorism that we see around the world....i would term it financial terrorism. Both forms of terrorism bring in destruction and chaos but the important difference is that the perpetrators of financial terrorism hidden among us, the culprits are the most revered members of society and the one we all look up to.

Terrorist are generally the individuals who turn against state or a society because they have been indoctrinated against a particular faith and brainwashed into committing all kinds of crimes. As for the financial once they indulge into such scandalous act knowing fully well the consequences and being full aware of the implications of the same.

These people are like termites who gradually but surely eat up the organization from inside, rob a society of its values and ethics and before you know it, it’s too late.

The bigger question is how should such wrongdoers be dealt with? If I were to judge them I would see no difference between them and the present day terrorist and the most stringent actions must be taken so that one would shudder to think of committing such acts.

From glory to disgrace, Admiration to loath, Satyam to Asatyam (Sanskrit meaning of Satyam is Truth and Asatyam is False), the story of India’s most revered computer giant makes us realize that the real enemy lies within and not outside…..

But among these gloom and doom there is also some good news, Barak Obama taking office, the miraculous landing of the air plane in Hudson River, the truce between Hamas and Israelis finally at sight, the oil is at a all time low and its seems that the financial bad blood is finally getting out of the system…

May be all this is a omen of better times ahead….cheers




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well said sac


Putu said...

Note the dynamics that occur between people in classy companies, at the top level where all head are equipped with high level of knowledge, not less falsity produced by knowledge and ingenuity, beside clarity producer. Even more the knowledge that neatly wrapped by ingenuity, intelligence, and greed masked a sincerity that can overturn reality.

I experienced how it feels surrounded by the ingenuity and knowledge that falsity produced, with stunning title “not for private purpose“, “for company”, “for God”. Knowledge and ingenuity has become so convincing producer of falsity.

Later, the emergence of mega scandals such as Enron and Wordcom in U.S. and now Satyam in India open its curtain. If only, every human being carefully observed the long exposition of history, maybe there isn’t any lap back of history that return to its origin place, perhaps history will move marked by majority of the movement increase.

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Putu...Thats was great coment, can i get ur contact ID Putu?