Saturday, January 24, 2009

a ship in the sky !!

I don’t know if you ever get the feeling of having a thought in your mind which only sculps out into prominence through the articulation of others. Knowing all this while, that it was right there ... somewhere.... perhaps waiting for a password to be uttered to bring it out in the open .

Like a young boy lying on green grass, looking up into the sky, nonchalantly giving form to white foamy clouds ...

Observations made while going about our lives , everyday, give birth to ideas and thoughts which float in your head much like the clouds above , but may not have shape and therefore lie undiscovered ,latent ,shapeless... falling short of becoming a revelation or breakthrough ....occasionally you add more matter and float some more bubbles in the mind tub.... until a friend prompts from arms length .. "over it not a ship!! " and like a magic sequence , the picture emerges on the indigo canvas.... ideas comes out of the clutter of random thoughts and breakthroughs occur.

That prompt is, perhaps , what we call as inspiration.. Hope u all hear your prompts soon .. and remember a friend at arm's length always helps :)


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