Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wonder COSMOS.....

The year 2008 has been a traumatic year for all of us, the global meltdown has affected all and sundry, the series of bombing and terrorist acts has left us shaken, the floods and other natural calamity has set us thinking that even the gods have taken a displeasure, the violence and agitation in Jammu and Kashmir that lasted for more then a month and if this was not enough we had the dastardly and cowardly Mumbai attacks that defied all realms of human morality.

So many lives lost, so many homes destroyed and in turn countless other affected. There have also been some major achievements and between these white and black there has been lot of grey areas and life has to move on. All this events though have a huge impact in our lives and sets one thinking about the significance of it if at all.

The other day i was reading a book named COSMOS by Carl Sagan, when i picked up the book i thought this would be just another book on realms of the universe, its beginning and all the scientific stuff, but what I found was extraordinarily different and gave a new insight into life and its origin, but most of it made me feel how insignificant we were.

Its says that our planet must be about 4 billion years old and the simplest of life form that originated in the planet in the form of one celled organism would be about 3 billion years old. Since then various life forms has evolved and then only a few million years ago humans appeared on the scene. To come to think of our presence in the planet we are a relatively new phenomenon but in this small existence of our's we have had profound impact on the planet. 

Also in this period billions of different life forms has come and many have become extinct. To think of the probability that we are born as humans is one in many billion, the probability of we being living in this era, at this time and in this place would be almost 1/infinite. To comprehend the space that we occupy in the planet would be almost as insignificant, lesser then a speck of dust particle. The probability keep getting compelling the more we think of our existence and our life.

So does that make our lives inconsequential, when lives can be lost at the drop of the hat what meaning does it hold, does that mean that we carry no value and all our actions actually come to naught?

In my article "A Life less ordinary" I had mentioned how each one of us can contribute to nation building, to development of each other, to upliftment of society as a whole and this is what gives significance to the whole concept of our lives. When the probability of being what we are is so compellingly against us i.e. less then one in many billion then I would assume that our presence on earth is not by chance but by design. If by design then there has to be some purpose; as a purposeless life is like a rudderless boat.

Though insignificant it might sound but our actions are very significant. Small actions live a big impact on our lives and present a future that is completely unforeseeable from the present. It’s not just ours that get impacted but the impact is multifold. Just like a forest fire that starts with a spark and eventually engulfs the whole forest or even a town. A small action as writing this blog might have some profound impact on people that I don’t even know.

People who lives the lives less ordinary are like eternal torches whose light emates long after they are gone and though they are not present physically their saga lives on brightening the lives of humanity. They are like flames that can light millions of other candles and though they might be gone, their light is there to inspire coming generations.

In one of my articles i had said that it is in death that we treasure life, the recent spate of events should make us treasure life even more and in doing so help others to enrich their live and thus give it a real purpose and make this planet a real wonder of this whole cosmos.


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