Monday, December 29, 2008

Donkey Wisdom…

As we close this year and barge into another, there will be a sigh of relief among many, some people will bid farewell with a moist eye and there will be others who would have never wanted this to end. Different people, different perspective and different opinions and I guess this is what makes this world very interesting. Imagine a world where we all would be same, of same shade, thought likewise and there were no difference ..the world would be such a bland place to stay. But irrespective of what we think and want, change is inevitable and if for certain we have to usher in a new year i would rather welcome the year with a new found optimism and courage then to accept the change grudgingly with disdain and anxiety.

I came across this story and it fits the bill:-


Once upon a time there was a farmer who had an old mule. The mule fell into a deep dry well and began to cry loudly. Hearing his mule cry, the farmer came over and assessed the situation. The well was deep and the mule was heavy. He knew it would be difficult, if not impossible, to lift the animal out.

Because the mule was old and the well was dry, the farmer decided to bury the animal in the well. In this way he could solve two problems: put the old mule out of his misery and have his well filled. He called upon his neighbors to help him and they agreed to help. To work they went. Shovel full of dirt after shovel full of dirt began to fall on the mule's back. He became hysterical.

Then all of a sudden an idea came to the mule. Each time they would throw a shovel full of dirt on his back he could shake it off and step up. Shovel full after shovel full, the mule would shake it off and step up.

Now exhausted and dirty, but quite alive, the mule stepped over the top of the well and walked through the crowd. A great attitude. A great way to approach life. Shake it off and step up. Too often we hold on to what has happened to us.

As we head towards a brand new year we wish the readers of the blog a great year ahead. We would also like to believe that New Year will bring in new joys, opportunities and challenges for all. There are too many among us who hang on to the past, just shake it off, step up and move on…..

Have a scrumptious and sumptuous year ahead……




Putu said...

Leave the past alone, do not worry about the future, do not cling to the present and you will achieve calm.

Putu said...

There is a term in Tibet,"calamity shall be used as source of power". No matter how many difficulties we are facing, how painful the situation is, if we are losing our hope,that is the real calamity.

SearchingSoul said...

What a profound message! Thanks for the blog. You have a way of making others feel a lot better. Keep it up.

Thank you for following my blog.

Searching Soul

Oberon said...

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Ron said...

I realy like this message a lot! Thank you for helping me to enjoy my day even more now!


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Anonymous said...


Great job ... now you really capture the mind of the reader...