Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ship of Theseus

They say that the biggest gift we have is always the “Gift of Life”. This is most profound, most endearing and most priceless possession we have because our very existence in this earth is sacred. Hence across ages, cutting across the religious divides and regions there is a very strong belief that it is not just blasphemous, but outright abject to take someone’s life or for that matter one’s own. From the same argument it follows that we should do whatever it takes to preserve ones life and if that means organ donation or a recipient, so be it.
With profound development in medical sciences it has been found that by donating organs a single human being can save upto 50 lives for different ailment. Organ Donation as a concept in India is limited only to Eye or Kidney Donation and that too a very esoteric group of individuals. What we know for sure is that a lot of our bodily organs can be transplanted successfully and can save many many lives.
The movie or shall I say the revelation “Ship of Thesues” – takes this very emotive issue head on and deal with it in a very narrative way through the lives of three different individuals.
Theseus’ ship was repaired, plank-by-plank, to the point where no material from the original remained in the restored craft — a story used by Greek philosopher Plutarch to pose provocative questions about what constitutes authenticity and identity. If you dismantle a ship, plank by plank, and reassemble it, does it remain the same ship? 
Weather it is the same ship or not is for an individual to judge and I believe the audience will be smart and astute enough to come to a defining conclusion or atleast make an attempt to arrive at a conclusion.

We from the “ Rotary Club of Siliguri Green” profusely thank Mr. Gandhi, UTV, the film distributors and producers to have given us an opportunity to portray this cinematic experience to the people of siliguri. Also the funds generated from this would be used for our social project “Siksha”. We also request the people from this region to support the cause by coming in droves to watch this film and we are sure that for atleast some of them this movie would prove to be a life changing experience.

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