Sunday, April 18, 2010

the cube

There's a certain happiness in solving the cube... u know the good old rubik's cube ....Six faces with as many hues.

My cube is weathered now, the colour stickers on the faces have begun to peel off from the edges ......the movement of layers not as smooth as it used to be..... countless iterations showing signs of age......but it sits smiling with all faces uniformly in order ...... Solved.

I guess thats how life presents itself ,u weather countless rounds of trials, moving around chaotic scenarios, trying tobalance out important parts, trying to solve. Its frustrating when u don't seem to find a way , coming back again and again to where you started, unable to surmount previously encountered diffculties ....sometimes u get the temptation of moving the stickers when no ones looking.....

It takes me four & quarter mins to solve my cube now, from any combination there on. But am quite far from solving the puzzle of life... no way near .. perhaps the nearest star from earth is closer than what I am to finding the solution. But what gives me confidence is that I've met and read about few individuals who are solved . Good thing I seem to gather is that , even when u've messed it up , you can start over and still place the faces the way they ought to be .

I will continue to shift planes , move edges, hoping to find the right algorithm...wanting to be solved.


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Dude i know what it solve the mother of all puzzles...good that u are on ur way trudging along..seeking direction, falling, failing, learning and moving so much fun..and can be so fucked the hindsight...its all worth it..