Monday, September 14, 2009

Events happen everyday in our lives, some are significant, some passes by; without leaving much flutter, and some go completely unnoticed. Every event though is of relevance and some seemingly insignificant event leave a huge impact in our lives so much so that it has the power to completely transform or mutilate it.

Some action somewhere at some point of time in some unnoticed by lane of a labyrinthine road network in some discreet town and lo the repercussion may come from the most unexpected quarters. That’s life they say.

For me one such event, of huge relevance though happened and I guess it has changed my live in more then one way and yes the event was expected but the enormity of it took me by complete surprise. I became the member of the fatherhood fertinety and for me it was a momentous feeling.

I know this event is witnessed by all and each of us will have his own reason to rejoice or revile but for me it was something like a divine gift as if on a completely overcast day a small patch of cloud opens up and the only ray that comes out, falls on you.

This happened more then a month back and my last few days have been spent on God knows what, and all I could recall is that the time seems like ethereal, just when I thought I have enough of it, little did I realize that it just disappeared. I felt different and it takes time for this to sink in, and this explains why I have been absent from bogging for last so many days.

I am sure this event will leave me more positive, more responsible, more enthusiastic and a more pragmatic view of life. This also means that I should continue blogging because this is one habit that I don’t intend to give up on easily.

Would also like to thank everyone for their wishes and to the readers of our blog for staying put.


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