Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Two Worlds Many Lives

This week India zoomed its way into space looking for answers for questions that has long mystified the world at large. Another event I saw on television actually looked to assume answers by interpreting texts to suit their purpose in the name of god. Both of them very contrasting indeed.

What is interesting is the fact that the day when this great feat happened I saw a documentary on national television about the Taliban way of life and I had an opportunity to compare two completely different world in a radius of few thousand km’s. First thing was a moment of great joy and pride to see India making great strides in science and technology especially in space which one thought was a territory reserved for chosen few. I have recently completed reading a book by our former president APJ Abul Kalam called "Wings of fire". In this book Mr. Kalam actually talks about Indian space odyssey and how it started with a very humble beginning. To see it come of age is very heartening and a great inspiration for all of us. The world has suddenly started taking note of India, and we are being seen as major world power. In this development, women have contributed as much as any men and the example of this was very clearly seen in the launching of the Chandrayan(The lunar satellite) and all the other feat which today we are so very proud of.

Now contrast this with the episode I saw on television where women were beaten for making loud noise with their feet, where display of any body part would invite the wrath of the militia and moral policemen would trod the city looking to make merry on a prey at the first signs of defiance. 

Having seen this and having read both the books of Khalid Hussaini ('The Kite Runner' and 'The Thousand Splendid Sun's') I just cannot sigh away for thanking god for having given me the society that I am in. India for all its failings is a far, far more civilized society. At the same time we also cannot shrug away from the responsibility to better it and make it a model for all to follow. In my last article i had talked of Indian way of life and here i would go one step further in saying that Indian way of life should not only be limited to savings, spirituality or family orientation in fact we should move forward towards building the nation, a opportunity for everyone to perform or excel be it male or female or any individual subscribing to any faith. Also a free reign without any regulation is good for no one and I am of firm opinion that any individual or group not subscribing to the values of Indian constitution should be dealt with very heavy hand. If we can do this and do it with vigor and passion, Indian way of life could be our next biggest export and in the era of strengthening dollar this could bring about handsome return as well………



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