Sunday, August 31, 2008

GOALS 2008/09

Its been four years since, in spite of our reluctance to end what seemed to be a well deserved honeymoon we had to jump to in torrid waters...and lots of water has flown since then..we by what can be termed as some divine intervention had a chance to meet in the upmarket house of chintu.....the funny thing is when u land in Mumbai everything seems big and grand..and when u enter his house everything is a miniature version of original. one and half days were spent in recollection of the past and how these last four years has changed our lives completely....daddy started as a trainee in the garment industry and landed being a banker...a serious one ahh.... chintu has stuck on to the job but has changed lot of other things...babe had given Videocon a miss and after lots of experimentation seems to have settled in.....we passed two days with these sweet and bitter recollection and suddenly when it was time for daddy to change roles as a banker suddenly almost like a flash there was a common thought to meet again a year later without much of a agenda. On further probing we felt the need that the whole exercise will be worth it if there was a reason to celebrate. As luck would have it we decided to set the parameter on which we will judge ourselves and define those in measurable forms that can be easily accessed.

Target setting Exercise:-
We started with the so called the grand old man of our college( Though age wise he is youngest of all).
Avinash as his parents wanted him to called...we thought otherwise and ever since then he is called daddy.
Then Chintu took over and finally Sac concluded with his goals and targets for next one year.
The whole exercise lasted for les then an hour but if each one of could take out the true meaning of the same...those few minutes of revelation might just come out as the most powerful thing we ever did......

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